Beta Phi Chapter

University of Montana

When I think about Kappa, I think of all of the wonderful memories, friendships, leadership opportunities, and life skills it has given me.  I think of our beautiful ritual, binding me closer to every Kappa in the nation. It reminds me of all of the women that have come before me who have led the way to the success of Beta Phi.  It makes me feel pride, joy, and a continuing love of all of the women that wear the golden key. I am forever grateful to not only be part of such an amazing organization but to be their leader. 

The women at the Beta Phi Chapter embody Kappa values, Panhellenic morales, pride for academics, and a strive for community involvement.  I could write a whole novel on my love and pride for the women I get to call my sisters here at Kappa Kappa Gamma. They make our chapter stronger with their commitment to our sisterhood.  At Kappa, we value truth, trailblazing, respect, optimism, connection, and knowledge. All of our women embody our values throughout their whole college career and life after school. We have amazing opportunities for our women when they are in our chapter, and they take these experiences and use them after college to stand out in the world.  We find incredible pride in saying to people “I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma.”

As you browse our website, I hope you can see a diverse group of women, holding high leadership positions, taking pride in academics, and exemplifying what true sisterhood bonds look like.  I hope you take notice of an impeccable sisterhood that not only binds us as members of this chapter but as members of an international organization of women who hold close the values of sisterhood.  I hope that you are able to gain an understanding as to why Kappa was the obvious choice for us, and why it might be for you too.



Madeleine Itschner

Beta Phi President